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Valuable Municipal Infrastructure

I have been becoming more and more interested in the cash value of our local roads, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and water supply systems.  This infrastructure is a huge asset owned and managed by local government.  Infrastructure represent a significant chunk … Continue reading


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Storm Water Detention vs Retention

Just a quick note about storm water detention or as we are calling it these days, “storm water control facility”.  People often confuse the meaning of storm water “detention” and “retention”.  They think a retention pond it is a storm water … Continue reading

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How big does that ditch have to be anyway?

That depends on how fast the water flows…. Engineers use a formula called “The Manning’s Equation” to calculate how fast water moves in a ditch.  This formula also works for pipes when they are not flowing full. Velocity = B … Continue reading

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The Kankakee River Bypass Channel?

There is a nice slide show found at discussing the construction of downstream steps on and a fish ladder  and bypass channel around the Glen D. Palmer Dam in Yorkville, Illinois. Are these life safety and recreational features that could be added … Continue reading

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Open Doors

Isla Mujeres has turned out to be a great place to plan and consider new adventures.  There are suprises behind most doors here on the island!  You just have to open the door and take a peak. This has helped … Continue reading

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